Vince's Daily Deal with the Devil - 4 Cranium Cocktail Glasses & Cocktail Picks
Vince's Daily Deal with the Devil - 4 Cranium Cocktail Glasses & Cocktail Picks

Vince's Daily Deal with the Devil - 4 Cranium Cocktail Glasses & Cocktail Picks

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Pre-Colombian Tradition of Memoria Orfebre or Goldsmith Memory

These Amuletos are made by Mestizo, a Colombian Art and Jewelry Oasis in Bogota, Colombia.  There are all made with the traditions of artistry and metallurgy handed down for thousands of years and each has its own stunning abstract symbolic design.

Each piece is first hand designed in wax, placed gently in plaster in a metal beaker, and placed into a kiln oven and baked at a very high temperature to melt the wax sculpture out and thus leave the perfect design of the jewelry in the plaster mold.  Mestizo then heats to liquify the highest, and purest quality 950 Sterling Silver and it is poured into the plaster mold of the of the jewelry design.  It cools for hours and then is dropped into a metal bucket of cool water. The plaster will begin to soften around the now 950 Sterling Silver jewelry design, and the piece is gently removed from the plaster water, carefully cleaned, filed, buffed, and polished and is now ready to be 24K Gold Plated. 24K Gold Plating of the 950 Sterling Silver jewelry design is crafted in the same tradition of the Pre-Colombian Artist Ancestors.  24K Gold atoms diffuse into the top layers of the 950 Sterling Silver jewelry design. This is a lesson in real patience, because slowly, and gradually the shined, and buffed 950 Sterling Silver jewelry design surface becomes more and more gold, until a pure, thick layer of the 24K Gold adheres to the pieces bonding constantly with the 950 Sterling Silver underneath. This process may take months and even years, depending on the thickness of the gold layer design by the artist and jeweler.  Each of our pieces is made in the painstakingly ancient process.  When the piece meets the discerning expectation of the artist jeweler; it is buffed and polished to the desired lust for each design.  This is a piece of world history and ancient artisan preserved craftsmanship and artistry. 

Astonishing, Abstract Symbolic, Pre-Colombian Gold Jewelry