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Featuring quality made artist & artisan designed limited-edition retail, home & garden decor, skin care rituals, and fashion & jewelry pieces. Our “Marketplace on a Cloud” holds fresh lifestyle brands & features the Vince Neil Collection. Reach out now & grab a piece of affordable luxury, the wind is blowing your way!

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Don't be pasty white, be bronze & bright!

I'm Dreaming of a Bronze Winter.

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Luxe Jewelry for Everyone's Personal Style

"Girls, Girls, Girls" Mint Chalcedony Statement Necklace

Flirty meets sophisticated and stylish with 17 dreamy mint chalcedony drops on a 16-18” adjustable antiqued bronze necklace. These drops cascade along your collarbone for the most polished pretty accessory you’ve ever seen!  Hypoallergenic with a Length: 16''-18'' Nickel-free, and Lead-free Antique Brass Chain.

You know you want me!

"Shirley & Kathy Summer Bling" Victorian Sacred Scarab Earrings

These Victorian-style Earrings are dramatic and are a visual masterpiece. The Scarab’s symbolic meaning is rooted as the Egyptian symbol of Eternity. The Scarab charm enhances a tremendous passion for life as it encourages setting the spirit free. Scarab’s have significant meaning for many, including our own Brian Fox Krawczyk. These Victorian Scarab Earrings are artisan pieces for those who dare to stand out and hold their beliefs closely. . Our Victorian Sacred Scarab Earrings are substantial, with the long ear wires measuring 2 ¼” long with the Scarab Charms measuring 1 ¼”, a total length size of 3 ½”. 

I'm sexy and I know it!

"Shirley & Kathy Summer Bling" Minimalist Geometric Sliders

These earrings have a modern flair and design that announces that you are bold, edgy, and are comfortable making a fashion-forward statement in life and with your accessories. These earrings, made from superior 925 Sterling Silver, simply slide through your piercing and rest in the perfect position to draw attention to your face and the contemporary style of these sleek earrings. These tantalizing earrings are that pair to wear when you want something unexpected, or to let the world know that you embrace fierce fashion. These sliders will make you both look and feel good. 

I am so easy to wear!