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The H2N© Vince Neil© World Retail Therapy Sale

This special sale on our luxury, artisan goods is truly a heartfelt thank you to all our clients and fans who shop H2N. We aspire to make this time of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, & Social Unrest & Inequality less stressful for all of you and your bank accounts. This is our opportunity to show our gratitude to you, our valued clients and fans with a bit of fun, fashion, and decor at prices that will really take your mind off the politicians and media. Turn off the T.V., put on “Tattoos and Tequila©”, and rock out in your living room, while treating yourself with some H2N retail therapy. Social distance, and find one of a kind, artisan items for you & your home at the lowest prices you will ever see. WE ALL NEED TO BE A LITTLE KINDER AND EMPATHETIC TO EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW!

 Peace, Love, Equality, Health, Safety, and Rock n' Roll - Brian & Steven Fox, Rain Hannah, and of course Vince Neil!

Treat your Covid-19 worries with retail therapy at prices below wholesale as our gift to you!

Girl with Parrot Pillow Woman with Boat in Hair Pillow Winged Boat with Man Pillow Man in Boat with Butterflies Pillow Woman with a head of Butterflies Pillow

H2N© 2 Year Anniversary Sale

SFI© Spring Awakening

I am awash in gratitude for the miracle of this cycle of rebirth that Winter and Spring deliver as a gift as part of the divine plan of the splendor of Mother Earth, in the glory of her dance that sustains each life as it exists. A Poem by Stephanie Stanislawski, our Dear Bestie, Soul Sister, H2N's Poet Laureate.

Huge Gratitude Sale for Our H2N© Client Family

Who is Heavy Metal Harry?

A tale of music & friendship.
Kid's Soft Jersey Tees
Onesies for Little Rockers!
Cool Little Dude & Rocker Girl Gear
HMH Drawstring Bag

Bewitched, Bedazzle, Be You!

With endless options of beauty from Saressa

Captivate with Bohemian Elegance from Astali

Provocateur Panaché

Add highly refined Harlow glam metal to your night out

Go ahead be a Metalhead!

Play demur & let the
light find you with VB & Co.

Shinny Dark Elegance