First Home to Nest Look Book - Bath Decor

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Dear "Nester" Friends and Shoppers,

At Home to Nest we aspire to provide you with creative, quality and Artisan goods and decor "to turn your house into a home".  We do this with a wish to help you enjoy your home and lifestyle more than you ever have before.  We want you to be aspirational in the process of decorating and "nesting" in your home.  After all, your home is your sanctuary from the stress and pace of the outside world.  Years ago in marketing, we called this "cocooning" - meaning that just like a caterpillar wraps itself in home-spun silk to transform into a beautiful butterfly;  H2N wants you to have the same experience of safety, appreciation and bliss each night you walk back into your home; to give you a strong, confident start to each day your walk back out of your home to live your path in this world.  Our New Look Books will feature easy, joyful and stress free ways to decorate your home, and thus create your personal sanctuary, cocoon or nest.  You can order the entire room of decor displayed in the final picture of Our Look Books or simply add a few items to complete a room you have already started to make your own.  It has never ceased to amaze me how my husband, Steven, has done this for his clients as an Interior Decorator, but also how blessed I am that he creates this heart felt feeling of beauty, love and safety in every home we have lived in.  Now you can utilize Steven's Inspiration in Our Look Books for different rooms of your home and aspire to make your home into a peaceful, loving and beautiful refuge and sanctuary for you and your loved.  This is be the first of a continuing series of aspirational H2N Look Books.  Please enjoy them all!  Peace & Love

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