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BestBronze Exfoliating Gloves

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Get ready for Spring & Summer with a healthy, even, scentless, natural, transfer resistance tan at 50%!

These Exfoliating Gloves by Best Bronze are textured to gently scrub away the outer layers of dead skin to unclog pores.  Specially designed to prep the skin for your Best Bronze self-tanning, these exfoliating gloves also stimulate circulation, so the skin can breathe freely. After regular periodic use, the skin will benefit from the deep clean-feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

✓ Gently clean and exfoliate your skin thoroughly;
✓ Exfoliation removes dead cells from your skin's surface and prevents clogged pores and acne;
✓ They helps to remove dull and damaged skin and beneficial to grow new, healthy skin.
✓ Body bath gloves are especially beneficial for exfoliating the legs and other large areas.
✓ Gloves are lightweight and fit your hands comfortably.
✓ Regular exfoliation and proper cleansing can make your skin healthy and shiny.

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