Vince Neil©, Black and Blue, but still Golden Collection

Spring Solstice is all about Mother Earth waking up from a long winter's nap when she very wisely goes to bed early every night for extra rest and pulls inwards to gain strength from her warm, safe core. She maternally embraces all the abundance of beauty she provides physically on her surface for us, her children, in Spring, Summer, and Autumn to gain renewed energy from her core of warmth along with her.  Rather like a Mother Bear bringing her baby cubs into a warm, safe cave to rest and rejuvenate with her, only to wake up in the sunshine of the Spring Solstice to grow strong, beautiful, and healthy for another year.  Life is suffering and joy, light and dark, success and missteps, but always worth the struggle.  Thus, the unlikely name for this collection, Black and Blue, but still Golden. We invite you to grow and love with us and enjoy golden days together in 2020 after we have all experienced a problematic "slightly black and blue" year of disharmony in our beloved country and in many other countries of the world.  Vince and his Motley Crue© Family have all the battle scars of being a rock legend band and touring the world for over 35 years.  It may all look very glamours, but the hours, work, rehearsals, and travel are exhausting and debilitating. They too have rested up and re-energized for their major reunion tour to bring their gift of passion and music to all of us.  Cheer them on and celebrate them all for always being golden.  We are excited to grow and bask in the sunlight that awaits us this year.  Joyous Spring, love, and peace to all of you!  Brian & Steven Fox, Rain Hannah, & of course Vince Neil©.