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The Fashion T for both women and men.  Always shop and look with a discriminating eye for quality, well-designed and finely made main articles of clothing - like suits, sportscoats, pants, dresses, sweaters, and dress shirts.  Keep two or three of these of each of these items in your closet at all times and grow through years with them.  You will be shocked at how these items will last when they are excellent quality, and you do not launder them at home ever or heavily dry clean them.  Dry cleaning can really damage fabric when items are dry cleaned too often. Invest in a wardrobe steamer, a good iron, and a quality link brush or roller. I have owned many of my standard key wardrobe pieces for more than 15 or even 20 years.  treat yourself to replenishing these pieces when you find something really remarkable in classic style or quality, or about every 5 years pick up one or two pieces to add to your wardrobe.  This will keep your wardrobe in good standing forever. Buy these wardrobe standards in neutrals of black, navy, grey, khaki, beige, white, or ivory.  Stick to your favorite neutral colors or fabrics that feature them and have fine stripes or patterns to them that appear solid from a distance.  Be careful not to mix too many patterns, and stick to your very favorite classic colors.  If you like navy, make that your primary neutral anchor color.  Mix your accessories between expensive "must-haves" key pieces of scarves, jewelry, shoes, and boots; and add seasonally inexpensive fun bargain finds of what, I like to call "disposable fashion"  You know these pieces - they are the eye-catching, shimmering, sparkling, trendy, little, trinkets of costume jewelry, seasonal scarves, wraps, sweaters, ties, and socks.  This also is where "disposable fashion" fun allows you to find trendy shoes, t-shirts, jackets, pants, jeans, and dresses that will only have a short fashion life in the style world.  I promise if you follow these rules you never have an overloaded closet or things you just never wear.  H2N will always curate all the right quality "long life" closet comrades of jewelry, bags, accessories, and scarves, etc. for you.  Because we have no storefront overhead and direct wholesale connections it will always be "Luxury you can't afford not to buy"!