Curated Bijoux & Eclectic Accessories

French for Jewelry - Bijoux was truly the only way I could think to get the message to you, our dear clients, how elegant, chic, and timelessly beautiful these pieces are.  The quality is uncompromising, the artists who crafted these pieces only use the best precious and semi-precious stones, 1925 and 1950 non-tarnishing, sterling silver, 14K pure gold wire, 18K pure gold detail, and only the highest standards of 20K or 24K plating on 1925 or 1950 non-tarnishing sterling silver.  I am a jewelry fanatic.  I have over 500 pieces of jewelry from all over the world and from many, many different cultures and craftsman, so buying and picking bijoux a very special obligation for me, so you know you will only find buy, wear and gift the very finest jewelry you can.  If you can find it somewhere else - you will never find on H2N.  I look for the exotic, the unusual and true statement pieces for you to cherish on yourself or gift to the one you love. 

As part of celebrating you and your kind patronage on our 1st Anniversary, we have sales in every collection in the store with amazing pricing.  Buy 1 piece, buy a pairing of 2, or a group of 2-5 pieces in each collection.

At H2N "Winter is Not Coming", but "Spring is Definitely in the Air" with all new merchandise in all our collections launching in just a few days!   

Peace and Love -The H2N Team.