Steven Fox Interiors 4Ever Real Flora

Flowers arrangements and table florals are the perfect last-minute Holiday Gifts. Don't send flowers that just fade and die over the holidays; this year you have a real choice with Steven Fox Interiors 4Ever Real Flora. These beautiful arrangements are made of 100% real flowers and greens preserved from the time they are perfect in the field they grow, cut, and put huge buckets of pure natural glycerin and misted in a large cooler with Hyaluronic Acid - a vital ingredient of youthful beauty found in everything living in the world - including us!! Send someone dear in your life an SGF 4Ever Real Flora Arrangement. They feature perfect bright red and deep black roses from Ecuador, embraced in stunning lanterns from India and mercury glass from Austria. They are accompanied by preserved cedar, eucalyptus, bay laurel, bright green thistle, pink & red pepper berries, red field berries, and gorgeous, cruelty-free pheasant feathers from North ad South Carolina in arrangements that will be cherished for years. 4Ever Real Flora Arrangements by Steven Fox Interiors last for a long, long time if properly cared for and they are 100% real. Keep them out of direct sunlight, try not to touch them (the oils on your fingers can make the blooms look a bit damaged), and of course, never water them. They need no water at all and are an affordable and gorgeous gift of luxury at non-luxe prices. Check out our Vince Neil Black Roses Arrangements that come with your autograph as well. My you have a 4Ever beautiful holiday season!