Francis J. Michaels

Originally from upstate New York, Francis J Michaels now resides in the Cincinnati area. Fine art photography is his passion, whether he’s shooting with his Nikon digital camera, his toy cameras, or his point-n-shoot, he always enjoys the art and creativeness photography brings out of him.

I have always been drawn to the moments before sunrise and after sunset. These times of the day are often filled with a sense of eeriness, particularly in the morning hours, when people are scarce. As a photographer, I am sometimes in strange locations at these odd times of the day looking for photo opportunities.  Uncertainty fills the air, as I walk in places unknown to me, always expecting the unexpected. The imagery in my photographs conveys my lure towards this mystical and ambiguous time of day we call twilight.

I can not speak highly enough about Francis Michaels.  He owns and runs Pop Revolution Gallery in upscale Mason, Ohio and is not just an incredibly talented artist and photographer, but also an amazing art preservationist and patient teacher to his clients who frequent his Pop Revolution Gallery.  He guides them, with an artist's perspective, on how to best matte, frame and preserve the personal treasures his clients.  He is a craftsman who cuts precision mattes and builds elegant frames.  Francis also truly champions each and every artist that walks into his gallery.  A truly supportive creative partner is very hard to find in the world of art and design, but working with Francis Michaels makes it feel easy. - Brian Fox