Home Fragrance & Ritual Cleansing

Deliberately clearing space of negative energy is a custom as old as time. To some, this is spring cleaning, a house warming party, or merely the creation of order out of chaos. Some associate this cleansing with ritual on a deeper spiritual level. No matter the conscious intention, clearing space and negative energy from your home, workplace or anywhere you spend a great deal of time is all about creating calming organization and letting go of old emotional baggage, to find deeper sanctuary in your home.

Clearing space also renews old and stagnant energy in a space or person and replaces it with a lively vibrancy. Space clearing is most successful when your intention is clear and no matter how you realize this intention, this is a simple and easy ritual you can practice regularly.

The custom made Home to Nest Organic Canvas Bag is designed, poetry written and created by our Home to Nest "Poet Laureate" and Family Team Member, Stephanie Stanislawski.  My Dear Bestie Soul Sister and Buddist 10,000 year Friend!  She is am an ambassador of good karma and energy to the universe for Home to Nest!  Love you GF - XO - B