Red Abalone Shell with Palo Santo Sticks

Red Abalone Shell with Palo Santo Sticks

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Clearing space also renews old and stagnant energy in a space or person and replaces it with a lively vibrancy. Space clearing is most successful when your intention is clear and no matter how you realize this intention, this is a simple and easy ritual you can practice regularly.

This Kit Contains:

  1. Palo Santo Incense Wood or "Holy Wood" is a tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. It is an aromatic wood used for centuries by the Incas and other cultures as a spiritual remedy. Used for incense and smudging it creates a pleasant, fresh smelling smoke with hints of mint and citrus with underlying notes of frankincense. Thought to purge bad spirits, it is also said that it enhances creativity and brings good fortune. We sell it by weight and size of sticks may vary between 1.5" to 2.5". Peruvians harvest fallen branches and twigs of the tree, a practice that is regulated by the government of Peru, so trees are not cut for wood harvesting.
  2. Red Abalone Shell for Smudging.  This Shell is perfect for burning sage & smudge sticks and other botanicals. Sizes may vary between 3.75 to 4.25 inches and while it has a white and rough outside shell texture. The inside of the shell has a stunning opalescent finish. Abalone Shell is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion, and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration. It is great in times of tough emotional issues, soothing the nerves and encouraging a calm demeanor.  The Abalone Shell is a perfect gift for those who have survived traumatic experiences, to let them know that while they may have been tossed and turned themselves as the shell has been in the sea, in the end, they are only more beautiful for it.

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