Shirley & Kathy's Autumn Glow

Inspired by two really beautiful Mothers - Shirley Neil and Kathy Krawczyk-Sindelar, who both loved luxury, bling.  Vince Neil's Mom, Shirley left us physically last summer due to pancreatic cancer, as she moved on in her spiritual journey just one week before my sister, Kathy Krawczyk-Sindelar also passed from her physical form to her spiritual form and journey, also due to pancreatic cancer.  This collection represents a time of loss, love, gratitude, and faith that Vince, Rain, Steven and I have gone through since last summer.  Jewelry collecting was a passionate hobby for both Shirley and Kathy and it only brought more sparkle and glow to the beauty of their souls and hearts. So, in this collection, only luxury quality jewelry is curated, that is artist and artisan-made, and at excellent pricing to honor our dear Shirley and Kathy. The quality is uncompromising, the artists who crafted these pieces only use the best precious and semi-precious stones, hypoallergenic, nickel-free & lead-free brass, 925 and 950 non-tarnishing, sterling silver, 14K pure gold wire, 18K pure gold detail, and only the highest standards of 20K or 24K plating on 925 or 950 non-tarnishing sterling silver.  Enjoy shopping these joyful mini masterpieces and remember that 5% of all purchases from the Shirley & Kathy Summer Solstice Bling Collection will go directly to the Pancreatic Action Network helping over 33,000 Pancreatic Cancer Patients in the USA every year!