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Spring Whisperings

In the deep of Winter,
on a January day
where the traces of snow still linger
Spring is whispering,
“I’m on my way.”
The Earth is in its slumber
awaiting its new birth,
yet today it peels back the layers of Winter
as warmth is carried on the breeze.
It sings the rhythmic drip, drip of water
splashing down from spots suspended in a state of freeze,
as a reminder that the Winter Solstice
with its abundance of snow and ice
holds the eternal source of life;
the wellspring of water that will quench the thirst
of land waiting to drink it in
and spring forth when blossoms burst.
56 degrees of freshness
as I sit on my home’s back porch
and breathe in deeply in awareness
that nature is creating its wonder,
and that we are but a short time away
from witnessing the Seasons
meet and greet one another
as they pass the Torch.
I am awash in gratitude
for the miracle of this cycle of rebirth
that Winter and Spring deliver as a gift
as part of the divine plan
of the splendor of Mother Earth,
in the glory of her dance
that sustains each life as it exists.

A Poem by Stephanie Stanislawski, our dear Bestie, Soul Sister, H2N's Poet Laureate.