Winter Solstice Sale

Nesters, we need space in our warehouse and we want to pass the savings on to you!  You are extra special, not ordinary. You love to create a space around you, and a look for your home that is warm, loving, creative, and genuine - just like you.  You don't want "run of the mill", generic and mass made items from bargain sell out or discount stores. Those stores won't be able to help you "Wow" your guests and have them asking where did you find that?  You want unusual, inventive, fab, fun, and artisan items, that make a personal statement about your creative soul, heart, and mind. All these winter holiday items will make your next winter holiday party the talk of the neighborhood, office, and your own family.  Remember, the holiday, home, decor treasures work for the season of winter light, and so many also work in your home throughout the rest of the year.  These savings are so great that no additional promo or discount codes can be used at checkout.  Believe us - you won't need to. They are all artisan, handmade, stellar, decorator pieces sourced from North, Meso, and South America, as well as, in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.  The best part of shopping this sale is knowing that each was selected by our Resident Interior Designer, Steven Fox.  Steven has made sure that these items will help you build an impressive color, and texture design continuity in every room of your home!  Lastly, don't forget, these amazing deals will go fast and quantities are limited.  Let H2N and Steven Fox have you dreaming of your next winter of joy, peace, and love.  Besides - Goddess knows we really do need the space in our ever-expanding warehouse.  We have huge new deliveries of gorgeous Spring, Garden, Graduation, Mother's and Father's day coming in right now!  Brian Fox is a major shopper, he even got a PhD. in Shopping from the University of MAD AVE (Madison Avenue)!