Triple Towel Rack with Spigot & Valve Hooks

Triple Towel Rack with Spigot & Valve Hooks

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This inspired design uses recycled old plumbing, that has been power washed and welded together to create a new take on modern, industrial chic.  It is very sturdy and easily holds 3 large towels.  We love to pair this piece in a modern or a traditional interior designed space.  Looks great in a bath, kitchen, or on the back a bathroom, closet of a bedroom door.  Hang 2-3 in a row at any entrance for a cool and inviting welcome at any entrance of your home.

This metal rack measures 15 ¾" W x 9" T and hangs 5" out from the wall. Textured dark grey finish with rust-colored accents. Knobs are cast and do not spin. Hangs very easily using two holes on each side.

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