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Om Ornament

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Get your Zen in tune with the universe.  Om is the sound of your mind, soul and gut "tuning" itself to nature.  It is a call for peace, balance, love, and acceptance that is thousands of years old.  Close your eyes and breath deeply in and then as you breathe out 10 times in a row from your gut and feel the connection you have with global love and karma. These gentle wood carved Artisan made Om ornaments are made of Albicia, a fast-growing, sustainable garden wood with a beautiful distressed, silvered, whitewash finish.  Size 8.5 X 8.5 inches.

These delicate light wood, hand carved, and antiqued, silvery-white Oms are precious and made by artisans at a Fair Global Trade Company and are truly breathtaking when used to hang in a window, on the edge of a special family photo frame or grouping, and divine as a host or hostess gift, or just tied in the ribbon of a perfect package for the perfect person.  Also, so great for your meditation or yoga room.  Needless to say - I have 8 of these hanging in my bathroom to start my day with divine alignment with nature.

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