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Peek-a-Boo by Dianne Therien

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Dianne has always had a lifelong love of color and an appreciation of art.  Her first encounter with the beauty of art came thru a grade school field trip. She was so excited by the brush strokes of color that brought life to a canvas.  Dianne was not able to follow thru with that desire well into her fifties but eventually.  She was encouraged by several local teaching artists and was set on a path to a very enjoyable second career.

Dianne is inspired by the old masters, Monet, Renoir, and Sargent: their use of color along with brush strokes creating atmosphere and mood.  Today, she most admires the talent of Chuck Marshal who gives her the best instruction.

Dianne has studied with Bob Hebenstreit at the Cincinnati Art Institute, Don Dennis, Christopher Brian and Laura Livingston at the Middletown Arts Center and Greg Storer of Mason.

Dianne is currently a signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club, The Mason Area Painters Group, The Deerfield -Mason Art Alliance, and The Middletown Arts Center.

She has been involved and contributed to many area exhibits including The Cincinnati Art Museums "The View From Here-Mason and several Middletown Arts Center shows.

Her Pendleton Art Center - Mason Area Painters Studio gives Dianne an exciting chance to show her work along with the other contributions from the other MAP members in a very professional surrounding.

She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating them.

This is a framed oil on canvas painting.

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