Power Gold Amuleto Earrings | HometoNest
Power Gold Amuleto Earrings
Power Gold Amuleto Earrings | HometoNest
Power Gold Amuleto Earrings

Power Gold Amuleto Earrings

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Astonishing, Abstract Symbolic, Pre-Colombian Gold Jewelry

All boxed up in a Mini Jewelry Box with a Forever Real Red Rose in inside, as well as your Amuleto.

Abstract Symbolism is employed by a jeweler who wishes to inspire the wearer of a piece of their jewelry with an emotion, word, life form or just nature itself to represent a deep, soulful, human feeling or mantra. They evoke a strong, bonding and protective power, cherished by the individual wearing the piece. Think of a star, a skull, a firefly, a pattern of bark, or even a perfect, round, never-ending, wedding band. Each may draw on a life experience, a memory or even a special person to offer the wearer of the piece comfort, confidence or a memory.

Home to Nest is so pleased to be able to offer this stunning and very exclusive, collection of precious, 950 Sterling Silver, and 24K Gold Colombian, Abstract Symbolic, jewelry. This collection is curated by my dear friend Elizabeth Salem, who hand-selected each piece in Colombia, South America (a country we both love).  As always at H2N the value, quality, and craftsmanship of this jewelry is incomparable, limited edition, and comes at unbelievably affordable prices. These are mystical and truly one of a kind pieces or Amuletos (in English – Amulets) for us to use as cherished, and nurturing icons in our own lives. There is only one of each Amuleto available, so please keep your shopping urgency level at high!

Each Amuleto Includes:

  • A Jewelers Serial # for insurance purposes and for tracing each exclusive piece.
  • A detailed Certificate of Authentication for the 950 Sterling Silver, 24K Gold and precious stone (included in some of the designs) used in each exclusive piece.
  • A Stamped Certification of Authentication from the Columbian Government and South American Customs for each exclusive piece.
  • An explanation of the Pre-Colombian, Abstract Symbolism design for each exclusive piece.

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