“Knock’em Dead Kid” Unisex Black Leather &  Stud Cuff

“Knock’em Dead Kid” Unisex Black Leather & Stud Cuff

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 This Men's Leather Bracelet is rugged, damage resistant. We have taken our passion for jewelry, amazing quality, and affordability and passed it on to you, our truly valued VN Metal Fans and Clients. This collection has a little something for every man. Pieces that can either be worn as a stand-alone or layered with the other pieces from this collection to create your own unique style. The best part, we do not believe jewelry has to cost a fortune for someone to look fabulous.  You will love this leather Bracelet. To our Rock Mommas out there - feel free to shop and buy this collection as well.



DIMENSIONS: 7.5“ to 8” L x 1.15” W